How can i book or contact the pro?

  • It is possible to book the lesson throught the same website, adding the lesson to the cart and after the payment it would be automatichly booked on my schedule. Also via whatsapp or social media.


Where is the meeting point?

  • Always caddy master, next to the pro-shop as it is the mid point between practice facilities.


What do i have to bring or dress like?

  • As golf equipment is included, only confortable clothe will be needed, no jeans nor t-shirt. In case of dispossing of own golf clubs, bring them.


Is there any level requirement?

  • No, as all levels or experience is welcome.


Can i pay after the lesson?

  • Of course, all sorts of payments will be accepted in the same golf course


What is the minium age children can start?

  • 5 years old is the age to start and join.


What if someone wants to join me during the 10 hours package?

  • No problem, only remaining hours will be charged.

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