If you are willing to start playing golf, do not hesitate to get your golf license to be able to play on your own in the future in Alcanada Golf Academy. 

One of the best sports and activities one can do either for get better, practice or while on holiday in Mallorca is playing golf. The amount of golf courses that are offered is one of Mallorca´s most attractive atraction and Alcanada, based on Port d´Alcudia and Alcanada golf Academy is the best place to start and develope your golf whether you are a developed and advanced player or a beginner. 

In the world of golf, any player must prove certain level in order to be able to be accepted at any golf course, and it starts with applying for the golf license. Golf license is a certificate the its proven by the player and provided by the golf Pro at an academy. If you are in Mallorca, Alcanada golf Academy is the academy to do it so. 

Our academy provides packages of lessons within 10-15 hours of lessons in a few days period. The lessons provides basic notions of short game: chipping, pitching and bunker, basic notions on putting including distance control and line excercises and driving range tecniques for the best improvement. It all set with two last hours on the golf course with me. This whole package will be enought to be provided with the spanish license by the Royal Spanish Federation (RFEG) with an initial handicap of 36.0 which would be good enought to be accepted in those golf courses with handicap requirement. 

The package of lessons that is required for get the license can be done individually but also in couple, partner, family or friends. The more people, the more fun. 


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