Golf in Mallorca - The Complete Guide for 2023

Golf in Mallorca - The Complete Guide for 2023

Golf in Mallorca is the ultimate golf destination for numerous reasons, making it a top choice for those seeking Mallorca golf courses. As a professional golfer, Alcanada Golf Academy director, Head pro, and PGA member, I have vast experience in this field.

The climate for golfing in Mallorca

One of the main reasons Mallorca is such an ideal environment for golf, and why many golfers choose us for practice and learning, is its perfect climate. With an average of 300 sunny days a year, golf in Mallorca can be enjoyed all year round. But it doesn't stop there; Mallorca's environment plays a significant role too. All of the golf courses in Mallorca are surrounded by stunning Mediterranean nature, such as pine trees, our beautiful and ancient olive trees, and of course, the Mediterranean Sea all around.

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Best golf club in Mallorca

Club de Golf Alcanada, located in Alcanada, Mallorca, is the best area and golf course to play golf on the island for numerous reasons. The golf course is designed by none other than one of the best golf club designers in the world, Robert Trent Jones Jr. The incredible design and excellent golf course condition make it the best golf course in Mallorca. It features a long course with a challenging design, wide fairways, and fast and firm greens. As a professional golfer, I can attest to the great conditions of the golf course, and it's where Alcanada Golf Academy by Joan Gonzalez takes place. The academy started from scratch and continues to grow.

The academy now has a fully functional and restored fitting room for more precise and advanced technology for professional analysis, utilizing FlightScope technology and Top Tracer. All lessons are given with the latest knowledge about golf swing techniques, strategies, and much more. Located on the stunning bay of Alcanada, this Mallorca golf course is unlike any other. From the moment you step onto the club, you'll experience its purity and pleasant vibe, surrounded by the best environment. Combining a natural skyline with ancient, typical Mallorcan structures, you'll be greeted by the professional team at the pro-shop and caddy master.

The best holes you can experience in Mallorca

As you get to the first hole, you'll be stunned by the golf course's beauty and condition. Here, I describe some of the most iconic holes of this top Mallorca golf course:

  • Hole 1: Our selection wouldn't be complete without mentioning the first hole at Alcanada Golf Course. Perfectly situated between the putting green and driving range, close to our most representative exposed flags, and boasting a sea view skyline, it provides the best possible scenario to start your round on this Mallorca golf course.

    Hole number 1 is a short par 5 that catches our attention with its wide fairway, offering numerous ways to be played. From the white and yellow tee boxes, the hole measures 458 and 450 meters, respectively. For longer hitters, distance won't be a problem for reaching in 3 and even in two. Despite its distance and wide fairway, a left-hand side bunker protects the hole, requiring longer hitters to carry 260 meters and take it out of play. The other three tee boxes - green at 435 meters, blue at 401 meters, and red at 373 meters - present another challenge. Positioned a bit further left, the left-hand side out-of-bounds comes into play for these players, forcing them to aim for the right side of the fairway.

    Once on the fairway or after hitting the first shot, players must be clear about their distance, as the fairway is divided into two sections closer to the green. A 50-meter-wide bay, considered a hazard, separates these two fairway platforms, posing a challenge for all types of players, even the longer ones, as the bay crosses from the right side of the fairway all the way to the back of the green. With hard and fast greens, this hole's green has its own difficulty, protected by a left-hand side bunker located at the back. All types of approaches around the green will be challenging, as the green's many breaks and slopes tend to lead the ball towards the hazard. Playing with the break, even on the approach, is mandatory on this iconic hole at one of the top Mallorca golf courses.
  • Hole 3: We've selected hole number 3 for its contrast in comparison to other par 4s on the course. This par 4 is the most doglegged hole on the entire course, turning almost 90 degrees from right to left and downhill at the end, making it our shortest par 4. From the white tee boxes, it measures 335 meters, 314 meters from the yellow, 302 from the green, 299 from blue, and 280 from red. Although its distance can be considered a recovery par 4, the first part of the fairway is protected by another large and wide bay hazard that must be overcome to reach the fairway. Two bunkers, one after the other, are located on the left-hand side, with a wide grass area considered out of bounds to the left of them. A wide fairway will receive the driver shot, and for those who hit further, the downhill lie of the fairway will provide a good chance to leave the ball very close to the green. From the flat spot of the fairway, there will be no more than 100 meters to the front of the green, which helps players stop the ball on the green as it can be played with shorter irons in a downhill shot. The green is protected by two bunkers on both sides, left and right. On a very long green, you'll want to leave an uphill putt for better control over the ball.
  • Hole 7: Now, it's time to talk about hole number 7, one of our most iconic and stunning holes on the course. This long par 5 is the longest hole on the course and the one that activates our senses the most. From any tee box, this hole provides the most outstanding views of the entire course. The main attraction is the perfect skyline of the hole and different holes around, with our unique lighthouse at the very center of the scene, all surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. This hole is a huge challenge for all players. Measuring 579 meters from the back white tee, 561 from yellow, 544 from green, 542 from blue, and 523, this hole requires accuracy and distance regardless of the player's level. With a downhill fairway all the way to the green, this straight and wide fairway is protected by two large bunkers in the middle of the first fairway side, a very typical Trent Jones design that bothers all players. The first driver shot can be played in the middle of both bunkers or by the sides of them to avoid them, as we need the second furthest shot as possible to land the ball on the flat part of the fairway all the way down. Despite its wide fairway, both left and right side roughs are limited by bushes and large trees, making the chance of finding the ball very low. Once we reach the second part of the fairway, we are safe, and we will find a flat shot to the green. Another two bunkers, one on the right side of the fairway and another a bit further on the left, must be avoided to have a clean third shot to the green, which will have a distance of 120 meters to the center of the green. The green is also protected by a short left-hand side bunker. A long green will challenge us to have very accurate distance control on the third shot.
  • Hole 8: The 8th hole is our most difficult hole on the course. This long par 4 is the handicap one and represents a challenge for all players, even for pros. Its main difficulty is based on its distance, making it the hardest one. It measures 416 meters from the white tee box, 398 meters from the yellow, 384 from the green, 365 from blue, and 341 meters uphill. With a narrow fairway featuring a left-hand side hazard and another danger all the way on the right-hand side, this narrow fairway is also protected by a right-hand side bunker, which can be in play for longer hitters from their respective tee boxes. The second shot is not any easier, as it's a very uphill shot that requires at least one extra club. The green is protected by a bunker located on the left-hand side, and the green receives the ball uphill as well. It's a long and wide green that can be one of the fastest ones, as it has a pronounced slope that can make a downhill putt very difficult to stop, and that I can attest to.
  • Hole 13: Here comes the big one, our most spectacular and unique hole of the entire golf club, and in my opinion, among all the holes I have ever played. Its main attraction is the stunning views from the tee boxes, allowing players to enjoy the skyline of Alcudia Bay, some villages in the distance, and of course, our iconic lighthouse. This short, right-to-left dogleg par 5 measures 454 meters from the white tee box, 451 from the yellow, 424 from the green, 410 from blue, and 389 from red. The driver is a downhill shot that demands carrying the first bunker of the hole, located exactly in the center. It might not be a problem for longer hitters, but there are another three bunkers on the right-hand side of the fairway that can definitely come into play. The hole can be played by reaching the green in three, playing the second shot with a hybrid or long iron right above the dogleg curve, or for those who hit further, daring to try to reach it in two. The specialty of the hole comes from the 100-meter mark, as players will immediately feel attracted by the outstanding walk to the green, surrounded by the sea and the lighthouse, creating a truly special feeling. Once you reach the green, if the player isn't too distracted by the sound of the waves, they will see it is protected by both left and right-hand side bunkers. The green is very wide and long and doesn't pose a significant threat as it's very flat. Besides its beauty, it is the easiest hole on the course. Currently, we are finishing the setup of two new tee boxes further back for the Challenge Tour, which will extend the hole by around 50 meters.

  • Hole 16: Now, I will present hole number 16, the longest par 4 on the course and the second most difficult hole. It measures 435 meters from the white tee box, 418 meters from the yellow, 395 from the green, 335 from the blue, and 332 from red. It's not only the longest par 4 that can be played, but also, on a windy day with front wind coming from the sea, it can become a par 5. The spectacular wide fairway is well protected with four bunkers in the center and left-hand side of the fairway, in play for all types of players from any tee box on windy days. Players will want to hit a little to the right side of the fairway for a better angle on the second shot to this very tricky green. A slightly downhill hole has a unique second shot, with wide parts of rough on both sides of the fairway that can make it more complicated. As it's a very long second shot and the green is narrow and undulating with three different platforms, it's protected by two short bunkers, making it quite a challenge. But making it through and leaving the ball on the green is a pleasure to putt. The green is undulating, divided into three platforms - the front one falling downhill to the center and then picking up uphill for the furthest pin position. All of this is enjoyed while taking in the view, as it's the one that sets closest to the sea and lighthouse.

  • Hole 17: To conclude my presentation, I'll discuss the last of our special holes at this Mallorca golf course, hole 16. This unique hole is our most challenging, special, and longest par 3 on the course. This outstanding hole requires both accuracy and distance to leave the ball on the green. It measures 213 meters from the white tee box, 194 meters from the yellow, 181 from the green, 164 from the blue, and 157 from the red tee. As players walk the hole, the seaside will accompany them along the entire left side, adding to the beauty of the experience.

    In this hole, you'll want to make good contact with the shot, as you need the best shot possible to have enough power and avoid ending up in one of its bunkers. One large bunker is located 50 meters short of the green, and another huge one on the left-hand side covers the entire green from front to back. As I mentioned before, in this hole, it's crucial to get the right distance with your shot, as the green is very long. From the front, the green will receive players all the way downhill to the end. Players will want to support their putt on the right side, as the green breaks from right to left.

Discover the Alcanada Golf Academy by Joan Gonzalez, nestled in the heart of Mallorca's stunning golf courses. This premier golf academy in Mallorca offers a variety of lessons tailored to every golfer's needs, from juniors to complete beginners looking to experience golf in Mallorca for the first time.

At the Alcanada Golf Academy, juniors can enjoy private golf lessons or weekend sessions from September to June, with each lesson lasting an hour and a half. The academy's Top Tracer technology keeps kids engaged with fun games while they learn the basics of golf on the beautiful Mallorca golf course.

For those new to the sport, the academy offers beginner-friendly lessons in individual, couple, and group formats, including courses in collaboration with the Royal Spanish Federation. These lessons take place across all three practice areas and the main golf course, making it the perfect starting point for those looking to obtain their Spanish license, green card, or platzreife. With a starting handicap of 36.0, you'll be ready to play on any golf course worldwide, thanks to the new international handicap system.

More advanced players can benefit from lessons on the driving range, golf course, or in the fitting room featuring Flightscope technology. This advanced system provides invaluable insights into golf ball flight and crucial club parameters. One of the most popular offerings is the "Play with the Pro" experience, where golfers of all levels can enjoy an 18-hole round and lesson with the 6-time Balearic Professional Champion, making it one of the best activities in the area.

If you're planning an extended stay, Alcanada and Alcudia boast numerous hotels within a 10-minute drive, such as Hotel President, Zafiro Palace, and Iberostar. Beyond the golf course, you can explore the natural beauty of Platja de Muro, one of Mallorca's most iconic white sand beaches with shallow waters.

Alcudia is also home to a diverse array of exceptional restaurants, from Michelin-starred Spanish cuisine at Maca de Castro's "El Jardin" to sushi, Italian, and creative culinary options surrounding the golf course. The nearby Port d'Alcudia offers even more dining and leisure options, all easily accessible by taxi.

The latest addition to the Alcanada Golf Academy is the innovative "Fitting Room" center. This beautifully renovated space at the driving range offers golfers the chance to test the latest TaylorMade Stealth 2 woods and drivers, customize their clubs, and receive lessons using Flightscope technology. Plus, you can relax and enjoy a coffee while watching your friends play on the picturesque Mallorca golf course.

Club de Golf Alcanada, located amidst the breathtaking Mallorca golf courses, offers not only a magnificent design and incredible sea views, but also maintains exceptional course conditions. Recognized as one of the top 8 golf courses in Spain in 2023, Alcanada's success is further highlighted by its role as the official host of the Challenge Tour Finale by Rolex. This prestigious tournament was first held at the club in 2019, followed by 2022, and will return again in 2023. The stunning golf course creates a magical setting for the finale of the professional Challenge Tour, where the top 45 players compete for one of the 20 coveted DP World Tour cards for the following season.

Golf events in Mallorca

Mallorca has also become a popular destination for professional golf events and players, hosting numerous tournaments such as the Challenge Tour by Rolex Finale and DP World Tour Mallorca. These well-organized events offer spectators an enjoyable experience, complete with food, beverages, restaurants, shops, and lounge areas, making them perfect for both novice and advanced golf enthusiasts.

As golf evolves, so does its handicap system, allowing players worldwide to maintain a consistent handicap no matter their destination. This is why the Alcanada Golf Academy by Joan Gonzalez offers the Spanish license with a 36 handicap, enabling beginners to play independently on any golf course worldwide after just a few lessons with Joan.

What sets Club de Golf Alcanada and the Alcanada Golf Academy apart is their commitment to exceptional service. Golf coach Joan brings extensive experience in teaching players of all levels, from beginners and juniors to advanced players and high-performance athletes. The academy's dedication to improvement and top-notch service extends to the Caddy Master department, Pro-Shop, management, and golf course maintenance.

From the moment you enter Club de Golf Alcanada, you'll be immersed in a unique atmosphere and positive vibe, complemented by the best course conditions and stunning sea views. Experience the ultimate golfing experience at this premier Mallorca golf destination.

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